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Who are we?

As our company grow a little bigger than mom and pap operation over the years, we hand-picked the team members carefully and limited to the guides who are passionate about water ways and what he/she does.  

All of our guides speak English fluently and some speak good French, Spanish, and Chinese.  They are knowledgeable in Thai culture (and some into food and cooking) and history, love to share their knowledge with people from around the world. 

Our boat guys are enthusiastic about driving their boat and have experiences in and around the water since they are young.  We have father and son team.  In the past, we had a incident like our guests dropped their sunglasses in the canal water, our boat guys dived into the water and found them  successfully ! (Please be careful what you put in your pocket when you get on the boat…)

Lastly, in our back office, Ms. Sacha, Ann and Sheenah will answer all the booking requests and inquiries.  They are flexible and always do their best to accommodate the guests’ needs/requests. 

In the past, we had guests who are from a few months to over 80 years old as well as the guests on wheel chairs and a group of deaf travelers who use sign language.  We love challenges and will try our best to put everyone on our boat safely!

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